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Why best of breed vendor solutions are a better choice for mid-market companies

Why best of breed vendor solutions are a better choice for most mid-market companies. What is a ‘best of breed vendor solution’ and ‘what is a single vendor solution’? Traditionally software was an expensive investment that only large corporations could really make.  Back in the day when software was shipped out in a pile of […]

3 tips for managing a remote workforce

Essential tips to help managing a remote workforce As business increasingly expanding across the globe, teams are dispersed across cities, time zones and continents. Thanks to changes in technology the concept of a fully or partially remote workforce is more common than ever. However, managing people remotely can seem like a completely different challenge than […]

Filling in an application form correctly

How to fill in application form the right way An application form is often the first and most difficult stage of landing yourself a new job. It has becoming increasingly common trend in the job market for companies to ask applicants to fill in an application form rather than submitting a more general CV. While […]

Great article by Dave Kerpen 17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

There is a great article just posted recently on on Linked in by David Kerpen “17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss”. It outlines some thoughts from new age CEO’s on leadership, honesty, hiring qualities they look for in employees. It also highlights the importance of honesty, openness for productive workplace and a healthy […]

Should you HR team be using Social Media?

The rise of popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has had an almost revolutionary impact on the way that people communicate and interact with one another online. It is a great way to keep in touch with rarely seen family members or friends, find people with similar interests, promote a business and […]

Social Media – Asset, Liability or a Fact of Life

Social Media, is it an Asset, Liability of just a Fact of Modern Life? It depends who you ask and also how it is managed. Managers may see it as a time-waster but many employees view it as a necessary way of networking their customers, colleagues and a way to express their views. From the […]