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HR Intelligence & Analytics


We currently provide access to over thirty five (35) dashlets throughout our solution, with fifteen (15) dashlets available from the home page, many of which are client definable.

Home page HR dashlets: 

  • Accession rate column graph per department, new & headcount (last year vs year to date)
  • Age breakdown pie chart + percentage splits per band, including column graphing
  • Company directory search (input & execute subject to access & permissions)
  • Gender breakdown pie chart + percentage splits per band, including column graphing
  • Gender by job type column graph (count)
  • Gender by job type pie charts (percentage)
  • Indigenous breakdown pie chart + percentage splits per band, including column graphing
  • Turnover information column graph and wave pointing (end of contract, resignation, termination during probation, rate, under year, over year)
  • Termination rate column graph per department, terminated & headcount (last year vs year to date)
  • Top interest courses by title percentage split & likes
  • Leave summary over 12 weeks, wave pointing (total & absenteeism) 
  • Time variance graphing
  • Upcoming booked classes calendar for you and your team (list, day, week, month)
  • Upcoming events calendar (list, day, week, month)
  • Skills gap summary, percentage based colouring, information for mandatory skills – there are no restrictions to limit the number of skills gaps summary dashlets available, as these are client defined

Other dashlets include: 

  • Company planner, views established by advanced filter search, summary, detail, attendance, calendar (date, day, week or month)
  • Recruitment tracking sources pie chart
  • Recruiter type column graph – interview panel(s) 
  • Recruiter type column graph – recruiter(s)
  • Latest performance reviews – employee count by rating
  • Top performers charting
  • Poor performers charting
  • Overall performance analytics (number of employees, number of reviews, global recent overall score, global previous overall score, review period overall score
  • Goal scores charting
  • Feedback scores charting
  • Class schedules, enrolled and available
  • CPD training records – chart, target score, current score, variation, expire date
  • Skills gap across entire organisation, filter and search available, visualisation of details on-screen (green tick, red cross, other)
  • Skills gap search by jobs/positions/roles – skills attributes visualisations
  • Skills gap search by skills attributes visualisation – detailed 
  • Skills gap search by position specifications/skills/tickets/attributes visualisations
  • Timesheet cost code – circular chart, cost code proportions, inc totals summary table
  • Total expense, currency based comparison column chart (last year vs this year)
  • Total expense amount by code pie chart, code breakdown and total
  • Work safety issues (incident and hazard totals) by category and location column graph
  • Work safety issues (incident and hazard totals) by risk and location column graph
  • Work safety incident issues by category and location column graph
  • Work safety hazard issues by risk and location column graph
  • Work safety actions by priority column graph (awaiting action vs completed)

The value of data visualisation is an area ActionHRM remains committed to continuously improve, releasing new updates as a priority based on client feedback, or pre-sales driven enhancement activity. 


ActionHRM provides over seventy five (75) standard reports across all functional areas of our solution.

Most standard reports can also be run with different filters and conditions e.g. for a department, job role, location, employment type etc. 

All reports where appropriate generate CSV, XLS & PDF. HTML and excel templatised outputs are also available in designated areas.

Advanced filter search settings are available for more complex report building, with settings also saved as your favourite for future execution.

Automated report scheduling of output is supported in select areas of our solution, with SFTP targeting also supported along with standard email broadcasting.

BI integration is not available as a standard out of the box feature set, however we have deployed and support database feeds for common BI data warehousing tools. A standard discovery and scope session is activated via the sales order approval process for clients seeking assistance with BI integration.


Easy-to-use organisation wide, or specific group communication tools, empowering effective delivery of messaging within the ActionHRM home page, also enabling hyperlinks to external content sources.

The communications carousel widget provide a visual display of selected internal wiklets, like company news, messages, notice items to be shared within an organisation.

Communication types are broad ranging and include linkage to various ActionHRM modules and functional areas subject to your subscription. For example, if you have the ActionHRM recruitment module you can link to the ActionHRM jobs board/current vacancies. 

If you are using our Training & Development module you can easily promote simple enrolment into a specific training course session, and your employees can instantly start online e-learning via a simple click, all from their employee home page.

There are no limits to the number of communication notices, messages, or news items available for you to publish, as the carousel widget supports both manual scrolling, and auto-interval scrolling.