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CoreHR Process & Data Automation

Comprehensive and secure online management of employee data & processes across your entire organisation. Improve communications, saving transactional time & costs, whilst lifting HR maturity.

Our job is to make yours easy

ActionHRM helps you effectively organise your people data and introduces leading mid-market process automation to deliver engaging HR self service, incorporating employee files, custom fields, workflows, and a comprehensive security layer, all via a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution deployment at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

CoreHR Foundation high level benefits:

  • Easily manage the complete employee HR lifecycle in ActionHRM via any mainstream internet browser.
  • Create, manage and modify your organisational structure that links to the electronic actions, workflow request and security engines.
  • Empower HR and business users to administer, configure, manage and optimise their workflow processes aligning to your organisational needs as they evolve over time.
  • Provide your people (employees, managers and executives) with a robust, secure, consistent, engaging and social experience across any device.
  • Complete electronic employee HR files making it easy to track, review, report, manage and administer all of your people data, in single secure and centralised solution. 
  • Our self-service and security framework allows our clients to provide authorised personnel with access to employee contact, health, demographic, training, performance and salary information – admin as granular as employee file level is fully supported.
  • The employment data stored against employee HR files allows for the quick generation of standard HR reports. These reports extend to company assets, performance, training, compliance, certification, work safety, employment history, complex employee headcount reports, termination analysis and more.

Manager self service (MSS)

By design with best practice or in alignment with your policies, procedures and people processes, your managers can be given access to both standard and advanced workflows – like new hire requests, approval to hire, time and expense processing, including comprehensive onboarding processes (staff induction checklists, electronic contract reviews, training, etc.), all of which incorporate reviews and approvals.

ActionHRM supports dozens of other standard electronic administration processes, like leave management, and electronic forms creation issuing and acceptance – which we refer to as electronic ‘ToDo Actions’ as an example.

Manager Self Service configuration grants access to a broad range of standard and custom staff details, like salary and employment history, training & development, performance, succession, talent & workplace safety. 

Management can utilise our standard employee and job filters (e.g. job title, department, employment type etc.) to instantly generate the data view they need.

Like our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal, our Manager Self Service (MSS) is controlled by the application security layer, providing different views, including the allocation of the required access levels, all designed to meet your organisational requirements.

ActionHRM empowers your managers via a comprehensive set of Manager Self Service (MSS) features, including custom workflows. We enable your managers to proactively contribute to the establishment, and ongoing maintenance of, people data process automation, effectively reducing administration costs, improving team engagement, communication, ownership & performance, resulting in overall savings based on improved quality in transactional processing.

Employee self service (ESS)

Employee Self Service (ESS) allows employees to self administer their personal biographic details (e.g. addresses, emergency contacts) and access their own human resource files made available by their organisation. 

Reduces HR costs by eliminating common data requests such as leave balances, salary, employment information etc. 

Employee access is controlled by a security layer which is configurable and client defined, allowing company management to filter or focus on information made accessible to employees to view, edit or action. Access to reports, process workflows to raise or process are also administered via client definition.

For clients using our training & development, or performance & talent management modules, we provide a host of transparent and effective management tools. File notes for general issues and grievances, performance improvement planning, and fast identification enrolment for all company training requirements, ensuring policies and procedures are followed, or flag where corrective action is required.

ActionHRM ESS is available across our entire solution (all modules).

Payroll integration

With ActionHRM, you can keep all employee salary information securely in one place. Consolidating this information in one place takes the headache out of managing salary reviews, bonus calculations and other pay-for-performance measures for your most important resource—your employees.

Payroll & Benefits Integration
Consolidating this information in one place takes the headache out of managing salary reviews, bonus calculations and other pay-for-performance measures for your most important resource—your employees.

In the real world, compensation and benefit information go hand-in-hand, and in ActionHRM they do too. You can define an unlimited number of benefits and manage open benefits enrollment right from our solution. 

Expense Claim Processing
Streamline your company’s expense claim process with online workflows in ActionHRM. Employees fill out online claim forms, and the system routes them to the appropriate approver. Approved claims can be automatically forwarded to accounts payable for processing. You can also track the claim through the entire process.

Time & Leave Management
When you use a third-party partner payroll solution integrated with ActionHRM, you have access to employee self service (ESS) for biographic updates, emergency contacts, bank information, absence requests, playslips. leave requests and sick leave balances.

Remuneration management & reporting

Salary Management Reporting
Now it’s easy to manage and report on employee salary and rewards with just a few clicks. Managers can also be given access to view employees salary history and reviews, hourly rates, and bonus information. 

Our system is flexible enough to manage compensation for many types of workers including salary, casual & contractors.

Remuneration by reward category, group, budget vs actual. Historic remuneration allows year on year changes, ensure employee rates are aligned expectations (CPI, other statutory increases).