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Fast track the onboarding process to increase workforce engagement!

Electronic contract acceptance & inductions

Take control and boost employee engagement from the beginning of a new hires journey, to the end, with comprehensive lifecycle including onboarding and offboarding electronic processing automation.

Incorporating electronic contract acceptance, TFN, Bank, Super and other pre-employment and post-employment onboarding automation, including detailed induction process management, and employee off-boarding incorporating collection of company assets.

Our comprehensive onboarding solution lets you create built-in new hire workflows aligning with your organisations requirements. You can create simple onboarding process, or complex onboarding process, or both. As the labour market changes, you can simply generate a new template based of an existing process, removing, or adding steps to either ‘speedup’ the onboarding process (butts on seats – feet on the ground), or slowing down the process mitigating risk ensuring compliance is in order before issuing the electronic contact for electronic acceptance. 



After the hiring decision, on boarding new employees as quickly as possible is the next critical step to helping them become productive in their new role. 

Create a comprehensive online workflow, and then use it to efficiently move a new employee through the on boarding process. With built-in tasks and checks, you can rest assured that critical steps will be completed, including verifying employment eligibility status, submitting tax details, setting up payroll, enrolling in benefits programs, and provisioning company assets (computer, phone, workspace, email account, etc.).

Deliver training to increase compliance

ActionHRM provides the framework for our clients to commence the employee data journey, increasing adherence to company policies and procedures. We are cognisant of the central role we play in the application foot print, or enterprise architecture of the clients we serve, which is why delivery of training as part of the onboarding process is so important. By getting your valuable new hires onboarded electronically, we mitigate compliance issues from day-1. 

As we push your people data to your other solutions providers you can be assured of the data accuracy, whilst also benefiting from the removal of data duplication effort and associated human errors.



When it’s time for an employee to leave your company, an online workflow in ActionHRM will help you ensure a smooth transition. Key activities like turning in security cards, recovering assigned assets, conducting an exit interview, and changing employment status all happen in an orderly fashion.