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Workplace Safety

Risk management system

Our workplace safety module is a risk management system empowering you to proactively identify, control, and manage workplace health and safety issued through an online workflow driven process.

Electronic actions form a key metric for the ActionHRM workplace safety module. 

Incidents & hazards identification, escalation, review, processing and closure occurs online, with relevant authorised parties every step of the way.

Investigation workflow pathways allow for client defined process steps to closure.

Issue category and location, issued by risk and location, and actions by priority are supported by built-in onscreen dynamic dashlets, providing valuable at a glance of your company risk, including steps to mitigation, ensuring workplace safety compliance.


Workplace health & safety (WHS)

Simplify occupational health and safety tracking by managing all related materials digitally.

Online accident, incident and hazard reporting, action and investigation tracking, employee health and rehabilitation details, including workers compensation claims and payments. 

Customisable workflows and detailed incident analysis help your occupational safety, managers, HR and selected employees conduct thorough, efficient and transparent investigations. 

Our solution dashlets, reporting and filters quickly identify frequently occurring incidents, which can help you improve workplace safety as you take action to protect your employees whilst also mitigate consequential legal risk.

Your policies & procedures repository

With ActionHRM all of your company’s policies and procedures can be stored in the one place and distributed through the whole organisation. 

Important events and processes like induction and exit processing can be digitised and automated with online workflows, pre-defined tasks and approvers, so you never miss a critical change, event or process.

Our core, training & performance modules use a host of transparent and effective management tools e.g. file notes for general issues and grievances, performance improvement planning, fast identification and enrolment for company procedural training, ensuring your policies and procedures are followed or flagged where corrective action is required.