Complete effortless HR solutions

We believe engagement with our clients is the key to a long term mutually beneficial commercial relationship. 

Since 2001 ActionHRM has been working to increase functional coverage, which in turn drives innovation, making our solutions more usable, with deeper configurability, resulting in more effective people & culture practices for the clients we serve.

Implementations can be a challenge for even the most experienced human resource professionals, however when coupled with an openness and the unique ActionHRM train the trainer & discovery methodology, the outcome is powerful, often exceeding our clients initial objectives..

Watch the video testimonials below to see how the ActionHRM mission to place our clients at the centre of all we do directly benefits the final outcome. 

Motion Asia Pacific - Video Testimonial

People are one of the most important assets to any business, yet many HR departments struggle with inefficient processes that drive up costs, hurt service quality, and increase compliance risk. 

Well, we’re here to help fix that with our world leading fully hosted software as a service (SaaS) employee lifecycle solution.

Motion Asia Pacific have deployed a full suite of HR modules to meet the needs of the People & Culture department, for over 1,800 employees, across four (4) countries, including, multi-currency, multi-language & multi-payroll connectors from their single corporate instance of ActionHRM.

Watch this video to see how ActionHRM empowers Motion Asia Pacific people for greatness.

Cafs (Child & Family Services) - Video Testimonial

People & Culture engagement is a great way to gauge the success of any human resource management solution. 

ActionHRM provides Cafs (Child & Family Services) with best practice HR data automation and reporting. 

Importantly, Cafs view both the ActionHRM team and HR solutions as an extension of their own internal team capacity, a real life testimony to honest vendor client relationship, based on service professionalism and mutual respect to meet business and scheduling objectives. 

Cafs experience with ActionHRM is that of a true valued partner, where Training & Discovery is facilitated by experienced consultants as the core of the ActionHRM service delivery methodology.