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Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

Secure best matched hires quickly

ActionHRM provides a full-featured recruiting system that lets you manage your entire HR recruitment process from application through to hire. Now you can use a wide variety of tools to manage all applicant details in a single system – and convert successful applicants to onboarding employees in a click.


Recruitment & applicant tracking

Our recruitment tools are used by companies with as few as 100 employees and as many as 5,000. Recruitment costs can be expensive, around 10 – 20% of an employees’ package and generally include advertising, screening and assessment, interview costs, on-boarding, training and loss of productivity. ActionHRM takes the hard work out of the recruitment process and provides tools which allow recruiters to handle a large group of applicants securely, efficiently and fairly, while reducing cost and improving hire quality and outcomes.

Applicant tracking also extends to talent pooling, incorporating a proprietary smart applicant merge tool, showcasing the most recent applicant details submitted, including all others applications, allowing your recruitment team to manually review and select the candidate record with the most complete all relevant details for current position opennings.

Online job applications, including website integration

Receive online job applications with a secure branded portal that can be tailored to meet your screening needs and easily links to your company’s website, career portals and social media streams. Reduce recruitment costs by eliminating double data entry, improving assessment time and selection and using templates for applicant correspondence. Track, group and build your own talent pools and keep an accurate history of application qualifications, interviews and decisions.

Iframes are quickly and easily deployed to embed your jobs board into your company website, or intranet. Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) is a simple way to add stylisation to align with most client requirements. 

For larger or more corporate brand mandates, we recommend our comprehensive set of APIs which can be made accessible to client side web developers, providing full control alignment with company branding and style guides. 

Interview management, scoring & notification management

Easily book and manage interviews with panel member access and scoring. Quick built in calendars and integration means you won’t miss an interview, with notes, scores and actions automatically triggered. 

ActionHRM includes the ability to quickly build, manage and adapt professional mail merge templates for all applicant correspondence and supports both HTML emails and formal letters, allowing you to determine what digital online processing looks like for your organisation.

Instant & powerful applicant search

ActionHRM has a powerful and optimised index based search built-in, that allows both text and value searches on all applicant data and inputs easily allowing you to instantly search, identify and re-engage with top talent. 

We help you saving time and reduce the need for re-advertising. Even with 100,000’s of records and complex searches criteria, results are returned instantly.

Online contract generation & onboarding

Our onboarding module includes a formal contract generation engine allowing you to merge in all common contract mail merge fields. We also supports MS Word Rich Text Export for quick modifications to the generated contracts. 

You can easily copy and maintain all of your existing contracts inside your company instance of our solution enabling quick online generation. 

When an applicant accepts their job position in our recruitment module, you can quickly convert their details, and link to our onboarding actions manager for pre employment and post employment actions e.g. pre-onboarding health checks, policy acceptance, emergency contact updates, setup tasks as well as probation and other post employment induction activities.