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About US

ActionHRM is a leading Australian owned and operated configurable full-cycle Human Resource Management SaaS solution for the mid-market, servicing organisation sizes range from 100 to 5,000+ employees, across all sectors, with customers spread across the globe.

Since 2001, we’ve been helping businesses thrive in overcoming HR challenges and we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

We’re committed to innovation, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest developments available. Ultimately, we’re here to empower your people and your organisation for greatness.

Our history & solution

ActionHRM has been a pioneer of SaaS development since 2003 with its first HRM client in 2006 delivered from our own datacentre. We now serve our product to clients in North America, South America, UK / Europe, Asia and Australia / NZ via our global HRM solution and worldwide Cloud Servers, managed and delivered from our offices in Sydney.

Most HR departments are plagued with inefficiencies that drive up costs, hurt service quality, and increase compliance risk. In most cases, this is due to reliance on fragmented systems for tracking and managing employee data, manual processes that lead to delays and errors, and burdensome compliance tracking, enforcement and reporting.

ActionHRM addresses these challenges by supporting all HR processes, information, management and reporting activities using a single, integrated, on-demand solution that’s affordable and incredible easy to use. Ideal for small and midsize businesses, the software gives you all of the benefits of an enterprise-class HR software solution – but in a solution that’s affordable and easy to deploy.

Our mission & values

Our Mission

To build and deliver the worlds best mid market, cloud full stack Human Resource Management solution.

Our Values

Growth through partnership and teamwork. Cherish and build long term commercial relationships, value input and learn from feedback.

Being leaders. Whether it’s providing the best client support, best product or delivery services to achieve the best outcome.

Enjoy change. Our employees have the courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to make better products, become better people and consistently uplift quality in our company. Improvement is shared, and even small positive actions appreciated.

Full employee lifecycle human resource management

Supporting today’s workforce, anywhere, anytime.

With a full suite of human resource functionality, covering everything from hire to retire, the benefits of our best of breed solutions are quickly realised.

ActionHRM will help you effectively organise, recruit and develop your global workforce. 

Manage the full employee lifecycle in a single intuitive software solution, via a browser session on any device. Or deploy our mobile app for a simple employee self service experience.

Provide your employees, managers, executives and other contingent workers a consistent, engaging people and culture experience, allowing them to take digital action via controlled processes to manage HR workflows for your business. 

Assess, align and develop your talent, creating tomorrow’s leaders while developing all employees for better performance and capability.

Seamlessly manage people transactions that affect payroll, like time and attendance, or onboarding, including terminations, using our built-in 3rd party payroll connectors – pre-built, pre-deployed and supported.

Use your time to add value to the people and culture of your organisation, as opposed to having to manually update, administer and manage multiple human resource related systems, including associated gap-filling spreadsheets.

Support & updates

Online, Email and Telephone support is available. Our telephone support is available during business hours Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Your subscription includes continual updates and improvements.

We also encourage client suggestions and feature requests incorporating these in our regular updates.