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To help save time and answer the most frequently asked questions we have compiled this simple list providing initial high level information about our human resource management solution. If you have not found an answer to your question please use the contact form on our footer to reach out to us directly. We will respond as soon as possible.

Solutions, Services & Support

  • If you are an authorised HR admin please contact
    • A ticket will be generated and a support rep will contact you directly
    • Please provide a screen capture in support of your enquiry
  • If you are an employee of an organisation using ActionHRM, please contact your company help desk for support. 
    • ActionHRM does not support unauthorised client contacts
  • If you are a prospect client please contact

ActionHRM can only provide authorised client HR administrators with direct support per standard best practice. 

If you are an employee of an organisation using ActionHRM, please contact your internal company help desk for support.

Support is available via email and phone from ActionHRM or directly from the partner that sold you the software. Phone support is only available during local business hours in the United States and Australia. Note that phone support is provided in English only. All support issues are managed based on criticality and severity. Because ActionHRM is a SaaS solution, you can expect fast responses to your support questions. Most minor issues and requests are resolved on the same day. Given the nature of software development however, we cannot guarantee a specific resolution time but work within a standard SLA.

Yes, ActionHRM supports Single Sign On and Multi Factor Authentication.

We even support multi-options for mixed use employee access.

In-App MFA is also supported.

Please contact to learn more.

Yes, all client instances are monitored 24/7. 

Yes, ActionHRM supports multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-payroll integration, all from a single client instance, making administration, management, employee self service and reporting… a powerful addition to any HR department and organisation. 

Please contact to learn more.

Yes, you can use the ActionHRM solution in any country.

However, standard business hours phone support is only available in Australia at the moment.

If you are not located in Australia, phone support is available if you call during local (AEST-Sydney Time) business hours.

Note that support is provided in English only. If you have additional questions or are interested in using ActionHRM in other countries.

Please contact to learn more.

Yes, with ActionHRM you can opt-in to all solutions modules and functions beyond the CoreHR Foundation. 

If you don’t need a function or a module we simply exclude it from your scope of works, reducing your subscription fees and implementation costs, saving you time & money! 

Here’s a high level breakdown for you: 

CoreHR Foundation: (Mandatory)

  1. CoreHR FoundationVisual Org Chart, Position Management, Custom Fields, Company Directory
  2. CoreHR FoundationEmployee file management biographic, documents & file notes. Extended areas for tracking, reporting and alerting on all key information, dates, assets, equal employment opportunity EEO.
  3. CoreHR FoundationHealth track medical assessments and status, including review dates – Covid-19 isolation, and vaccination record keeping
  4. CoreHR Foundation

    Allocations/Duties categorise start, end dates and define duty percentage splits.

  5. CoreHR FoundationActions management. Generate, issue and track, electronic forms and letters.
  6. CoreHR FoundationComprehensive Workflow, Alerts & Notifications Engines transform processes, procedures and tasks, ensuring reduced transaction processing, improved visibility, and quality processes that keep pace with organisational changes and updates. 
  7. CoreHR FoundationGeneral HR Reporting (75+ out of the box reports), Advanced Field Selection Report Builder (you define the data elements you need for a report based on your requirements in consideration of your custom fields, & Generic Dashlets (15+) & Wiklets (unlimited carousel).
  8. Foundation API Access

    Open API framework deployed and supported free of charge with every instance of ActionHRM allowing data interchange between multiple systems in your application footprint with ActionHRM as the single source of HR data truth, future proofing your HR selection. 

  9. Foundation Fully HostedSoftware as a Service (SaaS) via Amazon Web Services (AWS) bundled with a single subscription fee, incorporating new release updates, backups, support & maintenance. On-premise available for Australian based clients at a service premium.

CoreHR Optional: (Opt-in)

  1. CoreHR OptionalTime Sheeting timesheets made easy with our workflow and request engine. All activities are incorporated into our staff planner and calendar integration (Outlook / Gmail). 
  2. CoreHR OptionalLeave Management leave and absence management is made easy with our workflow and request engine. All activities including leave are incorporated into our staff planner and calendar integration (Outlook / Gmail).
  3. CoreHRExpense Claim Processing create, route, approve and process expense claims.
  4. CoreHRAssets manage, allocate and return company assets (all types of assets are supported).
  5. CoreHRSalary & Benefit Management including pay grading, bonus tracking in addition to electronic payslips and bank account integration with supported payroll solutions.
Optional HR Modules & Functions: (Opt-in)

  1. Recruitment ManagementApplicant tracking with inbuilt job board integration, candidate, interview, notification management, talent pooling, onboarding conversion and process management. SEEK integration including advert posting. Connectors to JobAdder, SmartRecruiters and others are pre-built and supported.
  2. Onboarding & OffboardingIncorporating electronic contract acceptance, TFN, Bank, Super and other pre-employment and post-employment on boarding including detailed induction process management, including employee off-boarding collection of Assets etc.
  3. Talent & Performance Online performance reviews including goal planning, succession management and behavioural and competency assessments. Easily create, manage and send performance reviews throughout the organisation. Also includes 360 assessment, succession and development process management integration.
  4. Training & DevelopmentDetailed LMS frameworks and tools to track and deliver training (eLearning & Classroom) assuring your organisation’s training compliance and professional development commitments remains valid. Including a comprehensive compliance-based assessment tool assuring skills validation, and/or skills gaps reporting. SCORM package management, CPD tracking and Go1 content integration amongst other useful training features.
  5. Work Health & Safety Workflow based hazard and incident management and reporting, including preventative and corrective action approval and management. Asset register plant & equipment safety check recording, escalation and reporting also available.
  6. Payroll IntegrationPre-built, deployed and supported payroll connections available, including Pronto Xi Payroll, ADP PayForce, Sage Micropay, KeyPay, MYOB AccountRight, HR3, Datacom, Definitiv, Xero to name a few. Multiple payroll integration via a single instance is also available.
  7. API AccessOpen API framework deployed and supported free of charge with every instance of ActionHRM allowing data interchange between multiple systems in your application footprint with ActionHRM as the single source of HR data truth, future proofing your HR selection. 

    Contact to start a quick requirements qualification process today!

General Features & Benefits
1. Comprehensive security and access framework throughout the system – allow particular positions, employees, or groups of employee to view, edit, action specific data management processes
2. Secured document storage (including company policies and procedures) – every HR file can be restricted to a position or particular manager resource providing file level security
3. Organisational structure including date effective point in time history recording – position based system logic throughout
4. Customisable workflows for automating administrative tasks, including onboarding and document checks – comprehensive compliance checking, gaps analysis and other operational automation
5. Flexible date effective workflow, notification, to-do, alerts engine – drives all company operational actions providing escalation and oversight across all resource actions
6. Reporting for each module (user-configurable), and cross module/function consolidated reporting – advanced, complex filter options are saved allowing specialised reporting outputs
7. Multi country, company, time zone and currency – global workforce costs allowing date effective employee entitlement insights and proactive electronic management
Additional Features & Benefits
1. Fully hosted with a single subscription fee – minimal IT department involvement for browser access via Single Sign On (SSO), and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) setup available free of charge
2. Scalable subscription licensing modelling – the more employees you have the cheaper your subscription becomes per active employee record
3. Initial data upload to your system – master data import template used in addition to payroll sync activation, ensuring thorough data validation at system go-live
4. Dedicated consultant to implement your system – human resource professionals manage your implementation of ActionHRM, communicating in an HR centric manner
5. Device Friendly (Mobile, Tablet, Notebook, PC) via mainstream browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) – approve workflows from your lounge room on your phone
6. Structured project management services via Project Register management and review available during implementation – time, date, ownership accountability from start to go-live


Ok, this is a complex area to articulate in an FAQ, but I’ll give it a go from a high level.

  1. ActionHRM always adopts a solutions delivery outlook during the pre-sales process, ensuring we listen, document and understand the key drivers that led you to commence your desktop research of the HR vendor space.
  2. We make it easy for you depending on overall requirements, factoring in sometimes hundreds of inputs.
    1.  The ActionHRM sales rep can either pre-qualify your requirements via a simple email template which takes 2-3 minutes to complete and return, allowing a remote demonstration to be scheduled, or
    2. You can submit your HR requirements list (bullet point list, or a comprehensive set of RFP documents, or anything in-between)
  3. Your ActionHRM sales rep will then review your requirement and schedule next steps, which is typically either a remote product demo, or an RFP participation response.
  4. We then open transparent and frequent communications as we continue the two-way discovery pre-sales process,
ActionHRM sales reps are solutions people. This means we adopt and apply an HR and systems consultative approach to everything we do. Here are some insights for you – Key factors we listen out for:
  1. Current State & Pain Points, like
    1. We need an HR system
    2. We don’t have a system
    3. We are swamped and don’t know where to start
    4. We have a system however it isn’t really working for us
    5. Nothing seems to be integrated, so we are constantly duplicating effort which is bringing down quality and lifting costs
    6. We need a budget for an HR solution 
    7. Other common low systems maturity type scenarios
    8. Business & Scheduling Objectives
      1. We have just acquired a new entity and need to get ready for growth
      2. We are forecasting growth and/or change in the business
      3. Our auditors have recommended we automate our people & culture processes to overcome specific or anticipated challenges
      4. We need to move from a reactive state of operation in the people and culture department to a proactive footing based on real time HR data
      5. A full employee lifecycle human resource managements system has been budgeted for here’s are requirement document
      6. We have a 3rd party running a formal RFP process for us with a target project commencement date earmarked
      7. Other common business drivers
    9. Strategic & Integration Partners
      1. We are using ADP, Pronto Xi, Datacom, etc and noticed you have a pre-built and supported integration out of the box. What are the benefits and how do we deploy?

All ActionHRM system upgrades are included in your HR software subscription fees. 

Minor updates are completed outside of business hours with minimal interruption, including our payroll connected applications, all of which typically do not require any client HR or Tech involvement. 

Release notes outlining the changes and new functions are provided with the release date announcement. 

During our last 5 years of service, our uptime has been over 99.98%. We usually plan to have a monthly release cycle with upgrades usually involving around 5-10 mins of downtime after business hours. 

For major releases, all customers can (for a minor fee) request access to an upgraded environment to test it. In all cases, we use patch streams to ensure prior functionality is maintained. 

We also encourage clients to provide development feedback and pre-release feedback via our demo applications.

All clients can suggest product enhancements including newly signed up clients that may require enhancement as part of their implementation project scope of works.

Yes, ActionHRM provides HR consulting services as part of our implementation methodology. 

In addition, we also provide HR consulting services via an extended services fee via the Account Management process.

We do not however provide HR consulting services for organisations seeking to evaluate multiple solutions, however we are happy to refer you to reputable, neutral partners specialising in formal systems selections.

Yes, we support on-premises deployments for large enterprise customers, APRA, AUS government or defence entities at a premium. 

Please contact to learn more.

ActionHRM is easy to use. From an employee perspective is in intuitive. 

For more advanced manager use, many of our customers have found that providing a cheat sheet with basic functions is enough for managers to use the system successfully. 

Some senior or functional managers (e.g., training & development, safety officer, etc.) may require some additional training. Training is provided in a train-the-trainer format. 

Application administrators, HR staff, and senior managers are trained to use the complete application via the ActionHRM Train the Trainer & Discovery methodology. This allows them to provide training to other employees, managers or administrators as required.

Ultimately, ActionHRM aims to transfer full systems administration knowledge to your company HR administrators, ensuring process review and uplift can be achieved without any assistance. 

Despite our clients best intentions to hire new resources to be internally trained by incumbent HR administrators this doesn’t always occur in the real world. If you are a new HR admin with no training or previous experience with a fully featured position based HR solution, we recommend you contact us to arrange a free 1-2 hour product demonstration and consultation session, facilitating the preparation of a training agenda to assist you perform in your new role, keeping the people and culture practice up to date.

Please contact to learn more about account management at ActionHRM. 

Pricing of ActionHRM is calculated on a combination of functionality and active employee records. 

Active employee’s are currently employed by your organisation, setup with a position/job role and employment condition. 

You are not charged for archived or terminated records, which are easily re-activated as employees if required. 

The CoreHR Foundation is our base product offering.

All other modules and functions are option, allowing you to pick and choose the right mix of functionality to meet your organisations current requirements. 

In basic terms, as functionality is added to your solution there will be a correlating increase to your monthly subscription fee. 

Implementation, configuration, and training costs are quoted and charged based on client requirements (budgets are provided during quotation). See our plan comparisons page for more information.

New reports can be designed and quoted individually. 

Prices include maintenance and will vary based on the report logic and data requirements. 

Most basic reports can be developed within a day. 

Advanced report building via our built-in ad hoc report tool is also available, allowing you to build and schedule common reports. 

Like all development requests, wherever possible, new reports are added to the ActionHRM foundation offering for all clients to utilise. 

If a report becomes standard, no maintenance fees are charged. 

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or partner please contact to learn more.




Yes. You can create new security roles and manage access rights using our online tools. The database administrator generally does these tasks.

Data security is a prime focus at ActionHRM. Our HR management service is delivered to you using Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Infrastructure. Your data is stored in an encrypted database on a virtual private server in Amazon’s datacenter. We use multiple layers of security to make sure your data is safe:

  • Physical security: Amazon operates and manages the physical infrastructure (servers, network connections, storage arrays, etc.) required for data delivery and storage. They ensure the physical security of their data center. However, they cannot access any data stored on ActionHRM servers.
  • Data encryption: All data stored in the ActionHRM database is encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption. To protect data sent to and from our “Cloud Center”, we use the same SSL encryption technique that banks use for online transactions.
  • User-based security: All data in the HR management system is distributed on a need-to-know basis. You decide who gets access to what information, and that security is configured by the system administrator using the system’s internal security controls.

We use the best technology combined with Amazon’s world class cloud service to protect your data and securely deliver our HR management system to you.


Yes, and you don’t need programming support to do it. Using the system’s extensive toolkits, you can configure the look and feel, add more fields, create alerts, build workflows and change workflow approvals, create mail merge recruitment notifications, add drop-down lists, and more. These are usually managed by your system administration or key HR user.

Yes. ActionHRM is designed to build on your current HR practices and policies. The flexible configuration allows you to tailor the system to meet your current and future needs and practices.

ActionHRM is a dynamic software development company, we have releases regularly that may contain enhancements, bug fixes and new features. Customers can request and vote on new features via our support portal. Please note you need to be a registered and paid customer to utilize our portal.

Yes. ActionHRM has integrated a BI/Custom reporting tool developed by Yellowfin. This is as an optional feature and provides data visualization and business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Clients can create and build their own reports in addition to the 80 prebuilt Yellowfin reports already available.

This tool provides features including drag and drop report creation, report scheduling, dashboard reporting.

Yes. The system has an alert engine that can be set up to send automated alerts to a specific person or group of people, ensuring key events are acted on. SMS and other alert transport methods may be supported in the future.

Organisational structures are built automatically based on hierarchy. They complement the security and workflow systems. For example, a manager can only see employees that report to them. As positions change, the system automatically updates the organisation chart and the security system. Most common workflows can be tied to the current organisational structure to save time and errors. A requirement to manually change or adjust the approval path for an employee can also be set up.

ActionHRM offers two levels of reporting available.

  • Standard – over 50 standard reports are included providing regulatory reporting, HR records and details, and key business metrics like headcount tracking. You can apply multiple filters to reports online and then export them in Microsoft Excel, CSV, or PDF format.
  • BI/Custom reporting tool – as an option an additional business intelligence (BI) and custom reporting solution is available with over 80 prebuilt reports and growing. This tool provides drag and drop report creation, report scheduling and dashboard reporting.

Custom reports can be developed for a fixed cost.