Complete effortless HR solutions

We make your job easier

It’s our blended team outlook, focus on training & discovery and alignment to your business objectives via professional management of tasks and milestones that works best for our clients in the mid-market. ActionHRM is often referred to by our clients as ‘an extension of their own’.

We extend this unique blended approach to all areas of our operations, from post go-live support and transition phases to standard support, allowing us to build a true partnership founded on respect enabling ‘all of our’ people for greatness.

ActionHRM enables mid-tier organisations to manage a full range of HR functionality from any device, anywhere in the world, within a single internet browser session and since 2001 we’ve helped organisations locally in Australia and around the world reduce risk and cost, while improving employee engagement and people outcomes.

With experience across all industry sectors we understand the forces that drive change within an organisation. Importantly our experience, coupled with our solutions, allow us to align with your functional requirements, business and scheduling objectives, as well as other key metrics, via our comprehensive configurability options.

For our clients with global operations utilising multi-language, multi-currency & multi-payroll-integration, we meet their corporate requirements whilst maintaining a personable level of ownership to meet project objectives as a valued vendor partner.

With our commitment to innovation at the core of our overall philosophy, our customers benefit from the latest enhancements in technology.

Helping businesses thrive in overcoming their people & culture challenges via a tailored solution aligning with objectives is what we do best.

Full employee lifecycle solution

Most human resource departments are plagued with inefficiencies that drive up costs, hurt service quality, and increase compliance risk. In most cases, this is due to reliance on fragmented systems for tracking and managing employee data, manual processes that lead to delays and errors, and burdensome compliance tracking, enforcement and reporting.

ActionHRM addresses these challenges by supporting the full range of HR processes, information, management, and reporting activities using a single, integrated, on-demand solution that’s affordable and incredibly easy to use. 

Ideal for all business with 100-5,000+ employees, across all industry sectors our software solutions gives you all of the benefits of an enterprise-class HR software solution – but in a solution that’s affordable and easy to deploy via a comprehensive security and permissions layer, coupled with class leading built in configurability, enabling your HR administrators to incrementally uplift the current production instance to align with evolving functional requirements over time.

We make your life easy by allowing you to pick and choose which HR modules and functions you would like to deploy.

Your ActionHRM sales rep will guide you through the pre-sales process in a professional and consultative manner.

With a comprehensive CoreHR framework, incorporating position management, visual org-chart, custom fields,  employee establishment, file management, reportable electronic forms & actions, health, leave management, time sheeting, salary & benefits management, assets, allocations & duty % splits, expenses, access & security, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, in-built & custom workflows, notifications & alerts engine, general HR reporting & advanced field selection report builder (over 75 reports out of the box), plus wiklets and dashlets, we enable you to will quickly realise electronic people and culture best practice.

Additional HR modules for you to pick from include recruitment, applicant tracking, onboard/offboarding, training & development, performance & talent management, and work safety.

Now all we need to do is review your integration requirements via an open consultative approach, including but not limited to payroll, SEEK, SCORM content, etc. and a preliminary proposal can be provided – yes, configuration of a full employee lifecycle solution for you organisation is that simple! 

Digital contract processing & acceptance

ActionHRM is a full stack browser enabled application, providing full employee life cycle data and process automation.

With electronic contract generation, employee document storage and retrieval, spanning all HR modules and functions in a single solution, you will quickly look back after go-live and wonder how you worked without this level of automation in the past. 

Contract generation is administered via templates, allowing for quick copy and edits. Multiple hiring entity support is included, ensuring re-configuration of ActionHRM to align with your unknown future state is easy to achieve by your own trained HR admins.

Deployed with the ActionHRM Onboarding module, electronic contract generation storage and retrieval allows you to configure and administer a comprehensive onboarding processes. There are no limits to the number of workflow steps within an process, however from practice in the real world compliance vs onboarding efficiency is a balance struck by each of our clients, with no ‘one size fits all’ best practice.

We provide do however best practice built-in processes, workflows and reporting, allowing for rapid ‘train the trainer & discovery consultation’. to design more comprehensive process workflows. This elevates ActionHRM from most of our competitors, as our clients can create new ‘custom data structures, processes, workflows and reporting’ all via a solid user interface supporting client side configuration post go-live.

Many of our clients have coined a unique phrase that perfectly illustrates how fundamental our solution is to their people & culture  practice – “If it’s not in ActionHRM, then it didn’t happen”. 

Subject to configuration, access & permissions, all ActionHRM clients can review, edit, escalate and approve employee files in a single location, covering all functional areas of our solution. People & Culture Made Easy!

Easy, cost effective & secure

ActionHRM’s flexible cloud delivery provides solutions and services to companies all over the world. This allows our clients to manage and communicate with their employees anywhere in the world, on the device of their choice.

Let us simplify your systems landscape with ActionHRM, an on-demand HR management solution that replaces a patchwork of disparate HR systems with a single, integrated application.

ActionHRM will reduce your HR application footprint complexity, and also your reliance on internal IT infrastructure and associated capital expenditure via our Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud deployment, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being our standard data centre of choice locally in Australia and abroad.

For organisations that are mandated to maintain full control of their applications via direct infrastructure ownership and/or administration, ActionHRM supports on-premise deployments locally in Australia. A subscription and licensing service premium is applied to our conventional  SaaS deployment, based on additional time, effort and cost to support client side deployments.

Standard fully hosted SaaS deployments
Innovative compliance & skills gaps analysis

Policies & procedures repository

With ActionHRM all of your company policies and procedures can be stored in the one place and distributed through the whole organisation. 

Our solution core, training, development, performance and talent management modules use a host of transparent and effective management tools e.g. file notes for general issues and grievances, performance improvement planning, fast identification, and enrolment for company procedural training, ensuring your policies and procedures are followed or flagged where corrective action is required.

Important events and processes like induction and exit processing can be digitised and automated with utilisation of online workflows, pre-defined tasks, and approvers, so you never miss a critical change, event or process.

Open data interchange (API, SFTP & more)

We have developed dozens of connectors to assist our clients streamline their people data flows between multiple solutions upstream and downstream, providing full end-to-end systems integration, whilst reducing double handling and overall costs, lifting data quality and security.

The API layer is used to push and/or pull information to/from our system, making ActionHRM a central source of employee data when integrating other business applications and processes.

We continually expand our inbuilt API connections for common mid market solutions. All client instances of ActionHRM are deployed with free access to our open REST APIs, enabling easy future changes to their application footprint.

Report generated file feed outputs, including target SFTP locations are also available for quick and easy data interchange to other 3rd party solutions that don’t support APIs. Scheduling is also available to automate these data interchange files, reducing the need for human intervention.

End-to-End systems dataflows benefits