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Training & Development

The training & development modules allow clients to plan, track and manage employee learning and development through innovative electronic processing pathways, including position, role, job gaps analysis.

Training at a glance

The training module provides a course register which is used to administer and delivery formal learning. 

Training management includes tracking of training classes, instructors, providers, times, and costs. Training can either be booked via a training enrolment tool or employees and managers can request via the workflow engine to attend training. 

A basic in-built authoring tool is available as standard making vital company communications possible quickly (i.e. covid policy announcements etc.).

E-learning and online SCORM file management is supported, with integration to 3rd party learning content providers also supported via pre-built and deployed connectors, or via our REST APIs.


Development at a glance

Our development module tracks current employee skills, qualifications, and competencies, allowing for easy assessment of training needs by comparing the job requirements against the current employee skills attributes, producing a live skill gap analysis for current or future roles.

Authorised employees and managers involved in training and development management easily search and apply for training courses, which provide training for the skill attributes that have been identified. 

Once training is completed the development module is updated with skill attribute changes, including training costs, durations (and more) which are all made available for reporting.


Training class enrolment & management

With an inbuilt learning management system (LMS) ActionHRM allows you to create and schedule courses, both internal and external. Create curriculum and link it back to requirements for skills against specific jobs to enrol employees. We make it easy to create and administer complete job descriptions, including job purpose, competencies, skills, qualifications, accountabilities, pay grading, and job evaluation.

Employees can be batch-enrolled by authorised HR/manager resources, or registered individually for classes, or via self-enrolled through the ActionHRM portal. Electronic reminders can be issued at any stage, routing training requests through automated workflows. 

Everything happens in one system, allowing you to track details on employee progress, as well determine training time and costs for internal billing purposes. 

If the numbers in a class exceed the maximum number of attendees, they are put on a wait-list as you provision additional training.

Online tools to simply your company processes

Training & Development are great employee retention tools, increasing employee knowledge, and helping your company stay competitive. 

The ActionHRM solution includes a robust learning management system (LMS) that helps you stay on top of your employee training needs, so nothing falls through the cracks. 

From license and certification tracking to job skill gap analyses, to course enrolment and results tracking, you get online tools that simplify your company’s training management process. Simple stuff!