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Essential tips to help managing a remote workforce

As business increasingly expanding across the globe, teams are dispersed across cities, time zones and continents.

Thanks to changes in technology the concept of a fully or partially remote workforce is more common than ever. However, managing people remotely can seem like a completely different challenge than managing people who you work in the same location.

Now add working from home and hybrid work patterns, and you can start to see why businesses need to think about a suitable framework and solution to support managers in their efforts to enhance the output of their workforce, with remote teams representing a significant consideration.

So how do you manage a remote workforce effectively?

Lines of communication

Implementing technology and software as a service solutions like ActionHRM, along with other cloud-based messenger tools, screen & video sharing are cost-effective ways to help you manage this challenge, and provides managers a way a proven method to help build rapport and maintain their teams engagement and productivity.

Expanding on screen and video sharing, use it as much as you can. Research shows that the majority of communication is still non-verbal, i.e. email and instant messages, which simply lack the context of human to human body language, tones, voice and simple expressions of true support and understanding.