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Why best of breed vendor solutions are a better choice for mid-market companies

Why best of breed vendor solutions are a better choice for most mid-market companies. What is a ‘best of breed vendor solution’ and ‘what is a single vendor solution’? Traditionally software was an expensive investment that only large corporations could really make.  Back in the day when software was shipped out in a pile of […]

3 tips for managing a remote workforce

Essential tips to help managing a remote workforce As business increasingly expanding across the globe, teams are dispersed across cities, time zones and continents. Thanks to changes in technology the concept of a fully or partially remote workforce is more common than ever. However, managing people remotely can seem like a completely different challenge than […]

How ActionHRM helps NDIS providers embrace technology…

ActionHRM understands the important role data connectivity plays for many organisations, non-more so than NDIS providers. As the employee journey starts in the recruitment and onboarding process, it make sense for ActionHRM to be the source of employee data, feeding other software solutions in an organisations application footprint. New hire information and changes to existing […]

No more boredom! Get engaged employees

Should employees have the right to sue for boredom? Ask anyone how precious there life is and most people will reply “very precious”, so why do employers keep employees doing the same repetitive tasks. Providing the same repetitive goals and rewards? HR technology can help change processes and online performance review software can provide a […]