Why ActionHRM

With HR self service, workforce planning, recruiting, talent management, safety, attendance and expense management all in single system, you gain complete visibility of your global workforce.

ActionHRM will allow your organisation to add to your HR with extra headcount.

The result? An engaged, proactive workforce that helps accelerate growth and compliance, while reducing cost.

Our HRM | HCM Solution

Most HR departments are plagued with inefficiencies that drive up costs, hurt service quality, and increase compliance risk. In most cases, this is due to reliance on fragmented systems for tracking and managing employee data, manual processes that lead to delays and errors, and burdensome compliance tracking, enforcement and reporting.

ActionHRM addresses these challenges by supporting all HR processes, information, management, and reporting activities using a single, integrated, on-demand solution that’s affordable and incredibly easy to use. Ideal for small and midsize businesses, the software gives you all of the benefits of an enterprise-class HR software solution – but in a solution that’s affordable and easy to deploy.

Flexible Cloud Delivery

ActionHRM’s flexible worldwide cloud delivery provides solutions and support to companies globally meaning our clients can manage and communicate to their employees around the world, on the device of their choice.

Let us simplify your IT landscape with ActionHRM, an on-demand HR management solution that replaces a patchwork of disconnected HR systems with a single, integrated application that offloads the IT management to our cloud delivery experts.

Lifecycle HR with open API and inbuilt integrations

There is a market gap for mid-size companies needing lifestyle HRM in a single integrated solution that covers everything from recruitment to termination while easily connecting and supporting your existing service providers like payroll, recruitment, job boards and other business systems.

We continually expand our inbuilt API connections for common mid market payroll, recruitment portals, reporting and complementary solutions.

All clients can also utilise ActionHRM's API. The API can push and pull information to / from the system, making ActionHRM a source of employee truth when integrating other business applications and processes.

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