Training and Development

Online tools that simplify your company’s training management process

Training and development are great employee retention tools, and they also increase employee knowledge, helping your company stay competitive. The ActionHRM solution includes a robust learning management system (LMS) that helps you stay on top of your employees’ training needs so nothing falls through the cracks. From license and certification tracking to job skill gap analyses to course enrollment and results tracking, you get online tools that simplify your company’s training management process.

Feature Details

With an inbuilt LMS (Learning Managment System) use ActionHRM to create and schedule courses (both internal and external), create curriculum and link it back to requirements for skills for certain jobs, and enroll employees. Employees can be batch-enrolled by HR, registered for classes by HR or managers, or self-enrolled through the ActionHRM portal. At any time, you can electronically send reminders and route training requests through automated workflows. Everything happens in one system – so you can track details on employee progress, as well determine training time and costs for internal billing purposes. If the numbers in a class exceed the maximum number of attendees, they are put on a wait-list.

With the LMS (Learning Management System) provided by Action HRM, it’s easy to create and manage complete job descriptions including job purpose, competencies and skills, qualifications, accountabilities, pay grading, and job evaluation.

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