Time and Attendance

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ActionHRM gives you flexible options for managing time and attendance, and leave. From online Timesheet workflows and time off requests to an easy-to-use time clock (with punch in / punch out functionality), managing your time and attendance just got whole easier.

Feature Details

ActionHRM solution provides three ways to enter time and attendance information - via the Time Clock, Direct Entry or via Timesheet workflows. The integrated online Time Clock keeps record of start, break, and end times when employees punch in and out and can allocate this time to Cost Codes (e.g. project, client, activity type).All approved Time information can be easily extracted to speed payroll processing and reduce errors.The Timesheeet workflow engine can also be customised to capture manager approvals and can also be used to capture and approve Time Activities (e.g. Km's travelled, No of Units Produced, Expense amounts).

Automation is the key to keeping everyone informed about employee leave and holiday planning. ActionHRM’s leave management module helps employees and managers easily handle the approval process and manage staff coverage with our inbuilt planner. Employees can check their Leave balances, submit online requests for Leave and stay informed of the approval process. The workflow caters for non work days, part time employees and also includes Public Holiday support.

ActionHRM includes an inbuilt time penanalty calculator allowing your organisation to automatically calculate time penalaties. Flexible engine supports penalty factors relative to scheduled and cumulative hours over working weeks.

Our pay extraction engine taskes the hassle out of late approvals and processing cutoff periods. This engine allows you to extract for current payroll periods and easily pickup late approvals from previous periods that missed the processing deadlines. With inbuilt audit reports and file feed creation for common payrolls processing time and leave becomes an easy painfree process.

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