Reporting and Business Intelligence

ActionHRM gives you a single system of record for your HR records management and reporting

It simplifies your job by putting all of the information you need to plan, report, and execute on HR responsibilities at your fingertips. From reports to online surveys to asset tracking to historical information, ActionHRM lets you efficiently drive workflow and maintain employee record security while allowing for forward planning and organisational changes.

Feature Details

ActionHRM offers more than 50 pre-built reports providing easy output of HR information, business metrics, and information for regulatory reporting. Online reports can be differentiated with multiple filters to obtain the required views. Whereas most HRMS solutions struggle to go back or foward in time - all of our core employee reports can be produced at any point in time. Support for Microsoft Excel (XLS), Comma Separated Value (CSV), and Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Business intelligence (BI) integration through Yellowfin available in the near future - this is currently in pilot trials. Custom reports can be developed for a fixed cost.

ActionHRM allows you to store all types of HR documents. We provide document stores in most modules and areas including company, jobs, recruitment, employees, training, and in our workflow builder. Whether its softcopy scans of paperwork such as licenses, certificates, employment contracts, job descriptions, etc or, support documents such as spreadsheets and word documents, you can store and share this information easily with your HRM users in a secured environment.
Document access can also be customised e.g. can't see, can't upload, can't delete, etc.

HR management is directly impacted by organisational changes. ActionHRM allows users to create and manage flexible organisational structures, define and manage positions, roles, and competencies; and generate dynamic organizational charts—all for multiple companies. The automated system makes it infinitely easier to keep reporting, workflow and security in sync with date effective changes.

ActionHRM provides complete electronic employee HR files. It makes it easy to manage, track and report on all employee data from a secure and centralised location. Our self service and security framework allows you to provide authorised personnel to access personal, contact, health, and demographic information, training, performance, salary and any other employee information stored. The employment data stored against the employee HR files allows for the quick generation of common reports for a group of employees or a single person. Including basic data reports e.g. company assets, reporting relationships, training and certifications, employment history, complex employee headcount reports, termination analysis, and more. We have forms to manage personal information and demographic information.

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