Payroll Integration

With ActionHRM, you can keep all employee salary information securely in one place

Consolidating this information in one place takes the headache out of managing salary reviews, bonus calculations and other pay-for-performance measures for your most important resource—your employees.

Feature Details

Streamline your company’s expense claim process with online workflows in ActionHRM. Employees fill out online claim forms, and the system routes them to the appropriate approver. Approved claims can be automatically forwarded to accounts payable for processing. You can also track the claim through the entire process.

Now it’s easy to manage and report on employee salary and rewards with just a few clicks. Managers can also be given access to view employees salary history and reviews, hourly rates, and bonus information. The system is flexible enough to manage compensation for many types of workers including salary, casual, contractrators, and even volunteers.

In the real world, compensation and benefit information go hand-in-hand. In ActionHRM, they do too: you can define an unlimited number of benefits and manage open enrollment right from the solution. And if you use a third-party payroll solution that integrates with ActionHRM, your employees get self-service access to paystubs, bank information, absence requests, and vacation and sick leave balances.

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