Organisation Management

ActionHRM keeps workflow, security and alerts in sync with your organisational changes making HR easy.

Built as a lifecycle HR system with a single source of data, security model and powerful workflow engine, ActionHRM Human Resource management provides a key foundation that can evolve to meet changing HR needs today and into the future. Too often, HR departments get bogged down with administration and transaction processing. ActionHRM transforms your HR so that you can focus on value add HR - talent strategy, employee experience, and long-term growth. ActionHRM delivers information and transaction flexibility to your employees, managers, and executives and provides you with the platform to make your HR organisation effective and efficient.

Feature Details

ActionHRM has inbuilt workflows for common HR processes as well as a custom workflow builder. Traditional forms and processes are transformed into streamlined electronic requests with smart routing and escalation. Our workflow engine also includes inbuilt audit trails and automatically stays in sync with organisational changes.

Never miss a key event with ActionHRM alerts. Tailor automated reminders for employees, managers of for all HR events (start date, hired date, contract end date, review dates, leave, training, licences, etc.). In addition to our smart alert alert engine we also offer calendar integration to popular calendering solutions like Outlook, Gmail and more

Make effective workflow and planning decisions with the ActionHRM planner, it's consolidates all employee event information for a secure, easy to use Gannt chart like view for all users. The employees and activities are displayed are based on security access and current organisational stuctures.

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