Core HR & Self Service

Human Resource Management made easy.

ActionHRM provides complete electronic employee HR files. It makes it easy to manage, track and report on all employee data from a secure and centralised location. Our self-service and security framework allows our clients’ to provide authorised personnel with access to employee contact, health, demographic, training, performance and salary information. The employment data stored against employee HR files allows for the quick generation of common reports. These reports may include company assets, training and certification, employment history, complex employee headcount reports, termination analysis and more.

Feature Details

Management can be given access to advanced workflows like new hire requests, expense claims, staff induction (on-boarding), and basic administration like timesheets and leave balances. Management is also able to access staff details like salary and employment history, training and development needs, and performance information. Management can utilise our standard employee and job filters (e.g. job title, department, employment type etc.) to get the view and information they need.

Like ESS our Manager Self Service is controlled by the application security layers and different views and access levels can be designed to meet your organisational needs.

ActionHRM enpowers managers enabling them to proactively assist in HR delivery and management while reducing administration cost, improving team performance and communication, and saving processing and transactional HR costs.

Employee Self Service (ESS) allows employees to self-manage their personal details (e.g. addresses and emergency contacts) and access their own HR files. This reduces HR costs by eliminating common data requests such as leave balances, salary, employment information etc. Employee access is controlled by a security layer which is customisable. This means that Management is able to filter what certain employees are able to access, change, what reports they are able to run and what requests they are able to raise or process.

Some common activities that can be completed include maintaining Personal Information, reviewing and actioning new workflow requests, checking leave entitlements and applying for leave, viewing salary information, accessing company policies and organisation chart information, completing a performance review, and much more.

ActionHRM also makes employees feel at "home" they have the option of viewing the information in their native language - and can select their default time zone.

Our HRMS solution with built in self service will build your HR team without adding headcount. When a payroll system is connected it can drastically reduce payroll processing costs and reduce data errors and inconsistencies.

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