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How ActionHRM helps NDIS providers embrace technology...

ActionHRM understands the important role data connectivity plays for many organisations, non-more so than NDIS providers.

As the employee journey starts in the recruitment and onboarding process, it make sense for ActionHRM to be the source of employee data, feeding other software solutions in an organisations application footprint. New hire information and changes to existing employee details, as an example, are passed to the case management, biometric and payroll solutions. Leave management is also managed in ActionHRM self service via payroll integration. 

Add Compliance, Performance Management, Training & Development, WHS, Expenses and other built-in functional benefits of a full-stack HRM solution, and you can really start to see how effective systems end-to-end data automation is when ActionHRM is deployed as the source of employee information, working alongside payroll, case management, time and attendance and biometric software solutions.

Case Sample: Rise Network,...