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3 tips for managing a remote workforce

Essential tips for Enterprise managing a remote workforce.

As business becomes more global teams can be dispersed across cities, time zones and continents. Thanks to changes in technology the concept of a fully or partially remote workforce is more  common than ever. However, managing people remotely can seem like a completely different challenge than managing people who you work in the same location with. Businesses need to think  about the framework to support managers to enhance the output of their remote teams.

So how do you do it?

Lines of communication

Implementing technology, such as remote-accessible servers, cloud-based messenger tools and video chat are cost-effective ways to manage this and gives managers a way to build rapport  with and maintain their teams output. Expanding on video chat, use it as much as you can. Research shows that the majority of communication is non-verbal. Email and instant messages can  lack the context of a ‘virtual’ face-to- face conversation.

Shared purpose.

Geographically dispersed teams can leave remote employees feeling isolated. The lack of buy-in to the teams shared goal can lead to a decline in employee satisfaction and performance.  Reminding team members that they share a common purpose by highlighting how individual contributions fit into the team and company’s overall strategy. For example, during the weekly video  call, discuss the team’s performance relative to the company objectives.

Time sensitivity

If you work on or manage a remote team, knowing what time it is in your colleague’s location and whether they are ‘in’ the office can be a challenge. With workers spread across time zones,  offices and client sites this just adds an extra layer of complexity to the already difficult task of managing your workforce.

A global calendar or shared diary visibility can be a useful tool to manage your team. If your organisation uses Slack, several integrations use slackbot so team members can add their location  and work hours so you can track who is available and when in their local time zone.